5 Things to Know About SEO in 2021

There has been an increase in the use of search engine optimization over the past few years, and there are signs that its prominence will only increase in the years to come. Search engine optimization marketing has helped many companies attract and retain consumers. Here is a list of five things to know about SEO in 2021.

1. The Impact of Voice Search
Voice search technology is becoming more and more advanced. Alexa by Amazon, Google Assistant, and Siri by Apple are all voice-activated, virtual assistant systems that the general public takes advantage of, especially now that those systems have advanced features. Since voice search technology has seen a rise in innovation and popularity, it would be wise for those using search engine optimization (SEO) to take voice search into serious consideration. You can optimize for voice search by pinpointing the phrases people utilize in everyday conversation; doing this will help you develop a keyword strategy for voice search queries.

2. The Role of Online Videos
Nowadays, to develop an effective SEO strategy, you must take online videos into account. Internet users consume a large number of videos on a daily basis. On Youtube alone, over one billion videos are viewed per day. Note that video content can be optimized. You can optimize the name of your video channel and the channel description. Also, be sure to acknowledge user intent so that you can embark on crafting a successful keyword strategy for video content.

3. The Vitality of User Experience (UX)
UX is one of the most notable SEO trends. It may be difficult to understand how UX affects SEO and vice-versa, but it is worth mentioning that both aim to provide users with optimal experiences and are used in website strategy development. The fusion of UX and SEO has been coined UX SEO; it involves optimizing the UX of a website in an attempt to increase engagement and conversion rates as well as improve ranking factors. By employing a UX SEO framework, you can enhance headings, site navigation, site speed, and user signals. You can monitor the effectiveness of this framework by looking at Google website analytics.

4. The Significance of Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI is also on the list of noteworthy SEO trends. It has, for a while now, been acknowledged in the realm of search engine optimization marketing. Google has an AI algorithm, called RankBrain, that assists in the ranking of results on Google’s results pages. It has been stated that this algorithm will cater to well-structured sites that consist of high-quality SEO content.

5. The Importance of Mobile-Friendliness
For a long time, mobile-friendliness has been a part of website strategy development. Now, it will have a tremendous effect on search engine rankings. This is due to the launching of mobile-first indexing, which prompts a search engine to prioritize a website’s mobile version over its desktop one. You can use Google website analytics to better understand this indexing system.